Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sun Protection

Sun Savvy   
Spring is here yay! Are you, ready for the sun?  Make sure your skin is ready too.  As you head outdoors during sunny and even cloudy days, make sure that you are not damaging your skin.  No one wants to look old before their time, and even fewer people want to get skin cancer. Even though it’s only April, the sun’s rays have enough UV power to start damaging our skin.   If you haven’t already heard, pale is the new tanned.  It is up to each of us to choose from the many sun protection options available. 

Avoiding the sun between ten am and four pm is the ultimate way to protect yourself.  But when you must go outside, wear a hat, put on sunscreen, stay in the shade, and wear sunglasses. You are worth it.  Protecting your face is worth it.  Preventing skin cancer is worth it.  Invest in sunscreen specially made for the face; it is kinder and gentler on your face. This is a product in your daily beauty regime you should not be frugal on. A lot of the foundations have SPF 15, but my physician tells me that that is not enough protection from the sun and that a sunscreen for the face should be applied before your base (foundation).  A truly good quality sunscreen for the face won’t leave you, pasty, oily, broken out,constantly reapplying, and most importantly sun damaged. I don't want to be a downer on your sun- filled spring and summer parade, but ladies let’s make wearing sunscreen fun!

My mom has very nice skin and she takes good care of it. Many people who meet her tell her  how young she looks for  her age and it is because she takes good care of herself.  She wears a moisturizer with SPF in it, wears a BB Cream, she drinks lots of water to keep hydrated, and she stays out of the sun. A few years ago in my family one of my aunts had a scare with skin cancer on her nose and that was eye opening for other members in our family. My aunt was lucky that the sun damage didn't spread to other places, and her doctor acted quickly to heal the damage the Uv rays had done to her. Yikes I hope I’m not scaring anyone.  Let’s get to the fun part.  SEPHORA offers  a variety of nice sunscreen for the face and body and we don't need to break the bank to protect our skin. 


Before I apply my foundation I put on my Skin Ceuticals Physical fusion UV Defense SPF 50  for my face. This Sunscreen is not greasy, it goes on nicely on the skin, absorbs in well and I don't need much when applying because it is very potent. I purchased it at a local skin clinic; but this sunscreen can also be purchased online at www.

When I am going to expose my skin to Mother Nature’s sun I apply my Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch  Sunscreen to my arms and legs. It has SPF 55 and the tube lasts a long time. The cream is ultra-light and fast absorbing and I noticed that the scent is not very strong and does not bother me like the typical generic sunscreen does. This sunscreen can be purchased at many drugstores.

Enjoy the sunshine and be kind to your beautiful skin. Do you have any Sun Safety secrets you would like to share with me?  Please feel free to Comment below and subscribe. 

Photography By:Lisa Johnson

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Perfume Counter


There is something about coming out of the shower and feeling squeaky clean, and spraying on one of my favourite perfumes. I have accumulated quite a collection of scents overtime. Many of the perfumes sitting on my perfume tray are gifts I have received from special people in my life and some are indulgences I have given myself. The first time I ever wore perfume was when I was little. My Mom and I were getting ready for my uncle’s wedding and she dabbed some of her Giorgio Armani perfume on me as a special treat; I felt very grown up for a nine-year old girl. I remember the first perfume I ever received was Glow by Jennifer Lopez from my Mom was  as a gift and it was so exciting for me. The notes in the stunning bottle are perfect blends of amber, flowers, exotic fruits, and vanilla musk that give it a clean fresh alluring scent.   As time went on my collection just grew and as I got older my taste became more grown up and more refined but don't get me wrong I still have a young spirit and like some of the flirty smelling scents. I love going to perfume counters at department stores, and different drugstores.  I love testing the different fragrances they have out on display and looking at all the fancy sparkly bottles.

My Favourite Fragrances

I found it very hard to narrow down my favourite two out of my collection. These are currently the ones I adore and recommend.


I wear this fragrance on a daily basis and receive countless compliments often.
This perfume smells amazing, young, and flirty. Did I mention that it also looks very nice sitting on my perfume tray? The blends in this bottle smell so yummy. It has notes of wild berries, juicy mandarin, honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine, and low warm tones of amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and praline.

I choose to savor the best for last. I adore this! I feel feminine, elegant, and sophisticated when I am wearing this amazing fragrance. This is definitely one of the classiest perfumes I have ever smelled and the bottle speaks class and is a definite welcome to any vanity. I don't use it very often, saving it for special occasions. Lol! Did I also mention that I even like the commercial of Keira Knightley advertising it? This is one of those high-end perfumes that is a classic and will never go out of style it gets ten stars out of ten on my list.  Top notes are orange, mandarin orange, orange blossom and bergamot; middle notes are mimose, jasmine, Turkish rose and ylang-ylang; base notes are Tonka bean, patchouli, opoponax, vanilla, vetiver and white musk.                 

          How Do You Apply Your Favourite Perfume?

Some ladies like to spray their perfume into the air and just walking through it. I did some research and found out it actually does work, but it lets a good amount of the fragrance go to waste and you don't benefit as much from it. This is not a bad method but there are other ones.

A known fact about wearing fragrances is that not every scent is going to smell the same on everyone. Our own natural scent will make perfume smell different than on someone else.  Applying perfume is one of the simplest things to do in a beauty regimen and can finish off your look for the day or that hot date you are getting ready for. Whether you are getting ready for a date, attending a special event or just simply want to smell delicious there are a few techniques to applying those beautiful notes.

Perfume School

1. Try to add to pressure points, inner wrists, behind ears, neck, (Do avoid rubbing wrists together it crushes the scent).

2. Fresh out of the shower or bath, clean wet skin absorbs better.

3. Apply perfume before putting on your clothes and jewelry.

4. Less is more! Apply sparingly.

5. Apply Vaseline or a unscented lotion to the area you want to wear your perfume so the scent has something to hold on to.

6. Be confident with your scent!

Fragrance Etiquette

Many public places today are fragrance free because a lot of people are starting to have allergies to scents. I am not saying we can’t wear our favourite fragrance but let’s be cautious about where we are going when we are applying our perfume.

Where To Buy Fabulous Fragrances



What are your favourite fragrances and do you have any perfume secrets you would like to share with me?  Please feel free to Comment below and subscribe.

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Photography By:Lisa Johnson

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